Futsal is one of the quickest, most exciting and engaging sports on the current scene, so we were more than pleased to have produced a TV Programme covering the game for Premier Sports, in partnership with PHA Broadcast.

Owing to the fast pace of Futsal, our video production crew had to put their talent and experience to good use, following the players and the ball assiduously to ensure we caught all the action on film.

Onscreen graphics were used to provide information about the players and teams, and keep audiences informed on everything from game stats to specific players and how the game was progressing. When it comes to visuals, we aim to engage the audience with vivid graphics, while ensuring that all visuals are easily spotted and read. Our highly skilled team puts their many years of experience to good use when it comes to making a game seem all the more exciting and compelling.

We also had a lot of fun preparing the opening sequence, selecting the right graphics and sound to give the TV audience something to look forward to. Opening sequences lend themselves to a full display of creativity, and the array of visual effects to choose from is ample. Best of all, we are always on the lookout for exciting new effects.

We will definitely be producing more TV programmes for sports channels in the near future, since we can confidently fulfil all requirements posed by even the fastest action games. The combination of our top filming equipment, talented camera crew, professional editing team and sound and visual experts, mean that we can lend a highly professional touch to any sporting event. Stay in tune to our site for updates on new projects and events.