The Production Process

The Production Process

We understand that creating a knockout video is a complex process and we make every step easier and more fun, removing all the stress and supporting you even after you have published the video that will mark your company as a leader and innovator in your sector. So how do i make a video?

What Does the Video Production Process Involve?

The three main phases of video production are as follows:

  • Pre-production: At this stage, we listen to you – your thoughts, ideas and style preferences are of utmost important, since they will determine the look, feel and content of your video. This stage involves planning, creating the perfect script and creating storyboards, which go a long way towards showing you how we interpret your vision, so we can ensure we are always in sync. This stage involves taking decisions on vital aspects of your video, as well as some of the important tiny details. At Hold that Shot, we discuss a plethora of possibilities with clients during pre-production, covering issues such as whether or not you wish to hire actors or voice artists, how long you wish the video to be, the different options with respect to lighting and music, etc. This ‘getting to know you’ stage is vital in that enables us to get to know you and to inform you of the different available options. All the information gleaned shapes the look and style of the video. During pre-production, we also discuss your target audience and delve into possible online marketing strategies.

  • Production: At this stage, all that careful planning become reality. Our talented video crew is used to producing top rate TV shows and hit films and they exercise the utmost professionalism at the recording stage, using the very best audiovisual equipment to capture to images and sound. We can provide the entire crew for the production, including camera operators, directors, lighting specialists, musical composers, voice artists, actors, etc. Clients need to ensure that the video production company they are working with boasts a team of trained, skilled and talented individuals who have a wide and varied curriculum and various areas of specialty. At this stage, your own team may be heavily involved too, especially if you choose to feature staff in your video.

  • Post-production: Once we have all the film footage and audio recordings we need, we enter the important stage of editing. At this stage, some companies opt to hire the services of voice-over artists, to ensure all spoken dialogue is crisp, clear and perfectly understood. It takes hours to produce the final master copy and sometimes, scenes have to be re-recorded with new actors or with a different script. It is important for video production crews to be flexible in terms of meeting changing demands until the video production receives final approval. Some companies elect to publish different versions of their video, varying in length. You may wish to feature a teaser on your homepage and a link to the full video on your own or other pages, for instance. Marketing your video is a process that starts in the pre-production stage and lasts until after the final product has been completed. Ultimately, your video is nothing without an audience, so every step you and your video production company take should be geared towards obtaining maximum acceptance. Social media plays a huge role in determining modern marketing strategies, so your aim should always be to ensure your content is shared among members of your target audience.