How Do We Do It

How to make a Video!

When you produce a video, the result reflects everything about you, your values, your style, your passion for what you do. When you work with Hold That Shot, we can give free reign to your creative side and let us take care of all the hard work. We will accompany you every step of the way, taking as much weight off the production process as you need. Initially, we will meet with you so you can share your vision with us; are you after something classical or modern? Subtle or attention grabbing? Short and sweet or long and more profound? If you are stuck for ideas, fear not; creativity is our passion and the driving force behind the work of each member or our talented and highly experienced team. In addition to our full-time staff, a skilled team of freelance scriptwriters, film and audio editors, voice over artists and actors, can help you bring even the most original ideas to life.

We can help you create a catchy, engaging script for your video; do you aim to go viral? We can help you find the perfect blend of captivating words and stunning imagery. Once you have decided on a script and video style, we provide dedicated support during every stage of the process. Our ultimate goal is providing the very best quality to our clients; our team is accustomed to working on some of the nation’s best TV programmes so you can be sure that we only use cutting edge technology. Our staff is fully qualified in a number of areas: everything from lighting for TV to film Steadicam, a stabilising system for film that allows you to catch even the most exciting action shots in a crisp, clear way.

Talent is one thing; technology is another. Hold That Shot offers the perfect marriage of both aspects of top quality film production. At our studio, we boast the very latest music technology, with the very best mixing and editing equipment, as well as traditional musical instruments, which add a welcome familiar touch to specific musical scores.

After we have fully edited your video to your precise requirements, the next step is to ensure it obtains the maximum number of views. Our marketing team boast Advanced Diplomas in Digital Marketing, so they understand the sophisticated nature of digital marketing and know all the subtleties of a successful plan. We can help you with tasks like profile scoring, PPC strategy development, landing page optimisation, implementing and managing a search engine presence and much more. We can help you ascertain who is watching and sharing your video and ascertain whether or not your video is reaching your target audience and bringing in business.

We understand that creating a knockout video is a complex process and we make every step easier and more fun, removing all the stress and supporting you even after you have published the video that will mark your company as a leader and innovator in your sector.