You may have a detailed idea of how you want your project to look but lack the specialist skills to translate that vision into reality. With over a decade of experience in broadcast and corporate video, our team will fill any role needed to get your project on the screen. Whether it’s camera operators, lighting crew or a Production Manager to oversee the whole project, we can deliver the people you need.

We seek out the very best talent in a variety of production specialities. This makes it easy to select the perfect team for your project where we can provide an entire team or support your existing crew with experienced specialists. Our top-notch lighting engineers and equipment will help set the scene. Then our camera crews can capture the best footage whether for broadcast or corporate video.

Production Crew

Video Production

If you wish, or if the scale of the project demands, we will assign you a Production Manager to coordinate all aspects of the filming. They will gather the information needed for the shoot and use their industry expertise to select the crew with the right style, experience and equipment for the job. Our hardworking crews are used to working with other media companies and can fill any role within the broadcast industry. In addition, we have a highly talented team of freelancers, many of whom have gained recognition for their excellent work.

Getting the details right ahead of shooting lets us source the most appropriate in-house and freelance talent. Putting the correct people in place from the start will save you time and money. Investing in the right crew will make your experience much easier, allowing you to focus on the final product.

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