Television productions expertly crafted to suit any audience.



All productions start from the same place – this is the time to talk about how you imagine the finished project will look.


Communication is key for us to be able to understand your project. We get to the crux of what you want to achieve.


Once we have got the correct idea about the scale of the production, the Production can begin. This is where great ideas take shape and Ideas come to life.



After filming and editing have concluded, we can get your project on the air. We have an end to end solution to get your ideas in front of viewers.

Hold That Shot can turn ideas into reality. From sports broadcasts, light entertainment, review shows and documentaries. Our production team will work with you on everything from funding and sponsorship to broadcast platforms and distribution.

Want a television advertisement or sponsorship bumper? Yes, we can do that too and can even assist with buying airtime.

We can provide all the facilities to turn your ideas into reality.

The journey starts with an idea, the need to convey a message or vision to the public. There are many ways of doing this, through print, radio, TV, word of mouth and video.  Here at Hold That Shot, we have a team of elite production professionals to look after all aspects of your project. Our staff are trained to the highest standards in production for film and television. Our Nottingham based production company has regularly got productions on Sky and Amazon. From the Short Film Show to World SuperDrone Racing. We also have crews out at major sporting events across the UK providing multi-camera sports coverage for the world.

We can manage your project from end to end, from the planning stage through to delivery. We provide real solutions in all areas of the production and distribution process.

Today we are continually connected to the internet and it has become a part of daily life. With fibre-optic broadband and 4G mobile connections, it is now possible to stream HD videos flawlessly across the internet. We can now broadcast live from anywhere to anywhere.

Some of our latest television productions.

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