World Super Drone Racing

World SuperDrone Racing

World SuperDrone Racing

WSR is a global competition bringing together the best pilots, engineers, and manufacturers from all corners of the world to compete to be crowned the World SuperDrone Champions.

UKDS Racing Ltd & Hold That Shot Ltd are very excited to launch  World SuperDrone Racing. World SuperDrone Racing is based in Nottingham England at a  brand new permanent indoor FPV Drone Racing Arena. The only one currently in the world.

World SuperDrone Racing is a groundbreaking new sport that will see drones been flown at speeds of up to 100 MPH through loops and turns. This modern new racing extravaganza is a team based drone racing championship where teams from all around the world compete.

Teams will be made up of 4 Drone Pilots and will battle it out to be crowned SuperDrone Champions of the World and bag the top prize of £25,000

The World SuperDrone Racing series will be broadcast to millions of homes across the world.


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