The Short Film Show On TV

The Short Film Show

The Short Film Show is a brand new way to bring short films to television screens around the world. It probably will come as no surprise that The Short Film Show is a studio based programme all about…. well short films.

There is a vast array of short films, many of which are award-winning and produced from budgets varying from nothing to the eye watering. They have often been financed through a whole host of means including crowd-funding and involve the creative talents of cast and crew all driven by one thing… passion, a passion for producing something that can be shared and enjoyed with others not just locally, but worldwide.

The Short The Short Film Show is the brainchild of Alex Doherty who’s combined knowledge the of film and television industry, discovered a gap in the market for broadcasting good short films on TV. After picking up the laptop one evening he came across a short film called ‘Operator’ and found it compelling viewing. After more searches several other films surfaced, again more superb viewing. But the challenge was how to get these kind of films out of the internet world and onto the stage of television.

After making contact with a number of the film makers themselves it became quite apparent that there was an equal interest and enthusiasm in this new born idea. Alex contacted Paul Davies who, with many years experience in TV, quickly embraced the concept and agreed to Produce and Direct the show.