Why you should be live streaming your events

Everyone with an interest in content marketing has twigged that video is a great thing to include on their site. It’s engaging, people are more likely to watch than to read and SEO for Google loves video because it’s sticky, so visitors spend more time on the page. Explainers, adverts, reviews and company information are all good, solid content, no argument here.

Live video is like that; only more so. 

It‘s practical

Your venue can only hold so many people; live streams expand that across the Internet, potentially making this a worldwide occurrence. That’s a lot of potential viewers who couldn’t fit in or travel to your venue. A live stream can even drive a sense of exclusivity in those present in person,  improving the front-line attendance numbers.

Make an appointment

Video on Demand is useful but a live stream, with a defined start time generates a sense of urgency in the audience, especially if this will only be available in its entirety once. Then, instead of the passive consumption from the viewers who can start VODs when they like and may click off partway through, you have appointment viewing, on your schedule. The audience makes an investment of time to be part of the event, making it far more likely they’ll view the whole thing.

Engage with your viewers

Clients, customers and potential customers will see your event. Make it easy for them to engage with the stream and get involved. Have your social media team on the ball, starting conversations with viewers and getting them talking to you. It’s a great way to feel they’re getting seen and valued by a creator, rather than being a passive consumer. Potential customers who hadn’t considered talking to you can break the ice and take the first step to conversion. Viewers with a positive experience of engagement with a live event will talk about the experience afterwards, spreading the word long after the stream ends.

It gives you lots to play with

Re-purpose the footage from your event into your promotional materials, create a saleable, cut-down version of the event and clip it for your social media posts. With good editors, you can gain extra revenue and brand awareness through sales, create on-message ads and drive traffic to your site to watch the content. Live streamed video needn’t be a one-off, it can become a big part of your ongoing strategy.

So, live streams are engaging, cost-effective traffic drivers that can spark your customer base and attract new prospects. Talk to us today and let’s get the ball rolling https://holdthatshot.co.uk/#contact