Get your voice heard with a fresh look marketing video.


Social media has massively changed the face of marketing through the act of viewing and sharing videos. Your target audience can become your army of promoters – but you need the right content. A short video that goes viral can be shared worldwide to millions of potential customers, boosting brand awareness. Hold That Shot has a team of highly experienced marketing experts with their collective fingers on the pulse. They have the expertise to target the demographics you want with the content that will get them talking and sharing.



Video length in social media is less important than using the right sights and sounds to put your products and services in front of the right people. In addition, we can create you a video with the tone you want, be that emotional or funny, youthful or elegant or any combination. You know your customers and video can reach them in a way that the written word simply can’t.

Fun facts: over 4 billion people visit YouTube every single day; 70% of the top 100 Google results return video links; 92% of B2B clients watch online videos. That’s a massive which storefront the modern company cannot afford to ignore. In addition, studies by Dell and Amazon show that video content can increase sales conversions by up to 34%. With those figures, it’s easy to see why 80% of marketing executives now utilise online video to increase brand prestige.

The greatest content in the world will fail if nobody can watch it. That’s why we make use of cutting-edge technology to make your video look great whether it’s watched on a smartphone or a smart TV, broadcast or social media. Moving images can help connect the hearts and minds of your potential customers to your company by conveying powerful, emotional messages. That connection enhances click-through, share rates and, ultimately, profitability.

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