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Organising a conference or event takes a lot of work and often, the content of your event needs to live and be heard long after it has taken place. We can help you capture the moment and ensure that all recorded footage and sound is of the very highest caliber. Our team boasts over a decade’s experience working on many challenging live events, including corporate events, concerts, filmmaking and more.

Recording your event can be useful in many ways; use the footage on your website or social networking sites to highlight the value of your products or services, reach a wider audience, and mark your company as a standard bearer in your industry. After all, it may have cost your team a great deal of effort to plan your event; it therefore merits sharing with present and future clients, and can also serve as an important training tool for existing and new staff.

Our cutting-edge equipment ensures that watching your recorded event will be almost as good as being there.

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We can provide top-of-the-range video and audio equipment to record your conference without a glitch, providing a highly experienced and talented video production team to raise the bar of your marketing video through special effects, top quality sound and careful editing.

Of course, recording your event is just the first step; we then carefully transfer the footage to your desired medium, carefully editing image and sound and removing any background noise or sounds that wrest from the quality of your audio. We work closely alongside you, creating longer or shorter videos depending on how much of the corporate event recording you wish to highlight.

Careful planning is key to conference videos, event videos and marketing videos. When we know the nature of the speeches or presentations and any features of the talks which may require specific recording and AV equipment, we can ensure that no stone is left unturned on the important day. We can also ensure that the final footage reaches the audience you desire, regardless of their viewing device (tablet, Smartphone, computer via streaming, etc.). We can record the special moments in your company’s history and make it possible for clients who missed out on the special event, to feel like they haven’t missed out on anything at all.

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