Live Streaming 

Little engages with your audience like a live stream; by using a platform that allows comments you can get instant feedback, take questions and review issues on the spot. The audience becomes part of the experience so they won’t feel they are missing out by not being present.

Hold That Shot take the technology behind webcasting seriously. We use the LiveU service for streaming, which allows us to capture your event footage to the Cloud and re-broadcast from there. This creates high-quality streams from even remote areas with rock-solid transmission to your audience, no matter where they are.


Live Streaming

Are you interested in providing coverage to paying customers, or perhaps employees-only? We can set up a private web page with the choice of securing it with a password. We will customise the page with your design, branding and slogan. You can then link to the page or your IT department can set up a sub-domain on your website if you prefer.

We can offer on-demand services for past events, useful for catch-up or if your broadcast is destined for audiences in multiple time-zones. By creating a content management system your audience can watch the event at the best resolution, whether they are using computers, tablets or smartphones. We can also stream your content via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Webcasts can let you host meetings online, saving travelling time and money while reducing your carbon footprint.
We can give you the tools to run live, company-wide training sessions or broadcast important announcements. Your conferences can be seen by all staff, without organising huge venues. Live product launches become events that excite your customers and increase your brand exposure.

Hold That Shot will help you set up and manage your video streaming service and will be there to support you with any problems or questions you may have.

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